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"New Book Reveals How To Promote Neural Adaptation, Overcome Plateaus, And Finally Learn The Full Planche..."

While building a muscular physique, bulletproof tendons, and flexibility


If you've been stuck at beginner planche progressions for months, despite following countless tutorials and putting in hours of hard work, then this book is specifically for you:

It'll help you go from feeling unconfident, demotivated, and frustrated to performing the full planche quickly, standing out from the crowd by revealing the training methods of world-famous planchers and me, distilling a lifetime of experience in 40 pages.


Here's What You'll Discover:


✔️ The Secret "Training Keys" To Easily Crushing Plateaus And Getting Used To The Planche, which helped hundreds of students go from wasting time working out to becoming stronger each week (Pages 5-7)

✔️ How To Prevent Injuries And Pains In 3 Steps, which allowed me to learn the full in just 32... Read More

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