Hii! I'm Loris Valeri

As a Personal Trainer and athlete since 2010, I switched to Calisthenics in 2021.

After mastering the planche in just 32 weeks and achieving the front lever in less than six months, and recently becoming the Italian skills calisthenics champion at 31 years of age, I felt compelled to share this beautiful sport with others.

I shaped my own life after a health problem that left me unsure if I could ever return to sports or physical exertion at the age of 18:

This forced pause prompted deep reflection and motivated me to strive for excellence, making the pursuit of overcoming perceived limits my life's purpose.

In addition to the experience I've accumulated over the years, I've continually expanded my knowledge through various studies and continuous education.

My Certifications:

-CFT1 & Tutor ISSA
-Open Academy Of Medicine
-Master Of Calisthenics Founder & Teacher
-Functional Patterns
-Body Composition Specialist ISSA
-Fitness Nutritionist ISSA
-Functional Trainer ISSA
-Functional Recovery Specialist ELAV
-Fitness Instructor for Weight Loss
-Supplementation and Nutrition for Sports
-Postural Gymnastics Instructor
-Fitness Instructor
-Bodybuilding Instructor
-(Soon to be) Technogym's Calisthenics Reference


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