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How I Learned The Handstand In Less Than Six Weeks

This ebook is dedicated to all the calisthenics athletes who tried everything to achieve the handstand but keep falling over and over again, getting frustrated especially when big guys and beautiful girls looking right at them. 

That’s why it contains all the secrets that helped me achieve the handstand in just six weeks and leave everybody who saw me perform it jaw-dropped, so that you can do the same if you are dedicated enough.

Here’s What’s Inside:

✔️ On pages 13-20, you’ll go from falling or performing bad-looking handstands to comfortably holding a straight handstand for minutes, in so little time you’ll instantly feel more confident and able to stun all your friends with your balance and strength, by discovering the mobility hacks and exercises that are the true key to handstand accomplishment.

✔️ Many athletes are forced to stop for weeks, losing progress, due to wrist pain. That's why on pages 20-27, there’s an entire section dedicated to wrist exercises, preventing both pain and... Read More

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