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For Athletes Almost (But Not Quite) Satisfied With Their Front Lever Progress And That Don't Know What They're Doing Wrong:

"Here Are The Most Unusual Tactics To Get Front Lever In Weeks..."

While also building a v-shaped back, confidence, and a powerful presence


If you're stuck at the advance or one-leg front lever, so much so that working out feels like a waste of time, then this book is specifically for you:

It reveals the little-known techniques famous athletes and I used to go from average, demotivated, and unconfident to getting the front lever in 24 weeks — condensing not just my 14 years of experience, but also the ones of the strongest athletes I've ever met.


Here's What You'll Find:


✔️ How To Adapt Your Nervous System To The Front Lever by learning its biomechanics and proper execution (Pages 5-6)

✔️ The Training "Keys" To Avoiding & Crushing Plateaus or Injuries, going from feeling frustrated and stuck,... Read More

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