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"New Book Reveals How to Overcome Plateaus And Learn The Full Planche ..."

If you are stuck at tuck planche, want to break plateaus, become one of the very few individuals capable of performing this shocking skill, leaving friends and girls you know utterly jaw dropped, then this book is for you.

In just 40 pages – which condense all my 14 years of experience as a personal trainer... 

You'll discover:

✔️ How to Adapt the Nervous System To Planche (Pages 18-21)

✔️ The Secret to Avoiding Plateaus (Page 22)

✔️ 5 Modules That GUARANTEE Achievement of the Planche, Regardless of Your Initial Level (Pages 24-40)

They are so effective because they do NOT rely on conventional methods like the 5x5, which you may have been following with little success:

In fact, they prioritize nervous system adaptation, high volumes, and high intensities, which your current workouts probably do not.

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