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For Athletes Who Can't Progress In Front Lever - And Don't Know What They're Doing Wrong:

If you're stuck at advanced or one leg front lever, want to overcome plateaus and master this coveted skill – Which only a few can perform – stunning both friends and girls you know, then this book is for you.

It condenses all my 14 years of experience as a coach, athlete and academic studies, and...

Here's what you'll find:

✔️ 5 Modules That ENSURE Front Lever Success and Overcoming Plateaus - Regardless of Your Initial Level – because they encompass the best exercises and the optimal number of reps and sets. And no, I'm not talking about the 5x5.

✔️ The New "Hybrid" Training Method to Progress Through Prerequisites Week by Week, based on high volumes and intensity

✔️ How to Avoid Plateaus and Injuries in the Front Lever, Getting Stronger Safely

✔️ Exercise Guide to Ensure Proper Execution, Ensuring... Read More

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