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Calisthenics from 0 to 10 is a training system that I have personally designed.

This work protocol was created to advance the growth path in every Calisthenics area, it fits any type of person (man or woman) , regardless of their initial starting physical condition.

There are no specific prerequisites precisely because it is assumed that you want to start from 0, but in case you have any doubts you can start with the purchase of the "HOW TO START CALISTHENICS" cards

Thanks to this path it is possible to achieve the most coveted skills with concrete, tangible and constant results.

At the base of the path there is a programming studied in respect of the times of each individual, in fact before moving on to the next level it is essential to have successfully completed the training of the previous level.

Now you have the opportunity to achieve your aesthetic and/or performance goals effectively, having a much more precise line to follow, without running the risk of getting confused or derailed by stalling!